This social media guide aims at promoting African knowledge (in particular about climate change adaptation).
This is the central part of the guide, showcasing key resources for the most important topics around 'promoting African knowledge (about climate change adaptation) through social media.

Social media is a revolutionary trend that is changing the way knowledge is identified, created, disseminated, reviewed, and discussed. The potentials of using social media throughout the knowledge cycle are tenfold, and a large part of that journey is experimenting with and exploring the boundaries of social tools. The following resources are therefore by no means exhaustive, but do provide a good starting point for knowledge-bearers to use social media for better communication and collaboration in their professional lives. Social media can change the way in which you undertake research, opening up new channels of communication and thought, whilst promoting your work and vision on climate change adaptation in Africa.

IFAD Social Media Guidelines

International Fund for Agricultural Development, April 2011

IFAD's social media guidelines explain how IFAD has conceived its social media strategy and how staff members can practically engage with social media.

Social Media As A Form of Knowledge Sharing
Johanna Wahlroos, Industry Analyst at Google, January 2011

This powerpoint presentation on Slideshare advises organisations to use social media in internal communications, and what they should consider when doing so.

New Qualitative Research: Choosing Among Today's Qualitative Methods
Green Book, Spring 2011

In Spring 2011, with the support of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA), qualitative advisors Betsy Leichliter and Jay Zaltzman created a user guide for understanding modern, qualitative research methods: 'New Qualitative Research Methods and Tools'. The guide showcases the different benefits of using online and mobile communications for research.

Social Media for Research Institutions and Programmes
Thinking Knowledge Wiki, February 2012

A collection of topics and links to support an exploratory discussion with a research project about social media.